Published – 30/11/18
Written by – Lewis Ward
Team – Elite FOH Division

We all know what to include on our CV, or at least we should by now.

Chances are that if you are reading this, you are open to the possibility of finding a new job. But now, you are looking to progress, and it is time for you to once again wade into the unpredictable tide of job hunting, hoping to float to success and praying that you don’t sink.

In this analogy, your CV will be your buoyancy aid. Having the right CV will act as a luminous life vest, complete with all the bells and whistles. But, if you get it wrong, it can quite quickly become a pocket full of rocks and stop you from getting to that dream job.

To be successful, you’ll need your CV to stand out from the crowd – and here are some tips to ensure that your next job application goes swimmingly.

1: Hook, Line and Sinker!

A personal summary can have a huge impact and on Platinum Recruitment, we put this section first. Providing a brief personal profile which explains your traits, aspirations, experience, and skills can quickly and effectively demonstrate to a prospective employer why you would be an asset to their company. Some characteristics which will act as buzzwords to really grasp a recruiting Manager’s attention are ‘optimistic’, ‘independent’, and ‘reliable’.

A good example is:

“A dedicated, hardworking and guest-orientated Front Office Manager, with strong practical experience in the Hospitality industry. I am a focused and proactive person, adopting a motivated and positive approach to all tasks, with a commitment to deliver the highest standards of customer service at all times. My key asset is my detail focused approach with the ability to work reliably and independently under pressure, and I am looking to apply this skill in a high-volume boutique hotel.”

2: Take Pride in your Achievements

Next up, your personal trophy cabinet. Now, I don’t mean that you should boast a 100m swimming certificate, but be proud of those things which you have achieved and have been awarded as a result of your Hospitality experience. For example, a General Manager may disclose awards which their properties have received during their tenure or their turnover.

Achievements and awards are tangible pieces of evidence which add weight to your application. Prospective employers need to be convinced of your abilities and of the impact you can make on their business – showcasing your abilities like this is just dangling bait to the industry’s big fish.

3: Your Passport Stamps

“I only worked there for a month, I won’t put it on my CV..”

Please don’t do this. Yes, it does make your longevity look better, yes, it does stop you looking uncommitted, and yes, it does stop employers thinking that something bad happened to make you leave.

However, when it comes to references, your reference will be wrong. The secret will be spilled and you risk looking like you were covering something up. If a job offer is hanging in the balance, you may even lose it when it comes down to an incorrect reference.

Is it really worth the risk?

4: Tried and Tested

Finally, we close your CV with your education and tertiary qualifications, to showcase your industry knowledge, desire to achieve and progress, and where you learnt your skills. In this section, you could include Bachelors/Masters degrees, Doctorates, Diplomas, WSET, Reception Academy, any stage you may have completed (Chef), etc.

By using the above advice to steer your CV in the right direction, you’ll be sailing towards your exciting new job in no time.

So, to find a use for your new, polished CV, head over to our website to find out the latest hospitality job opportunities. 

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