Published – 20/11/18
Written byLewis Ward
Team – Elite FOH Division

You’ve done it, you’ve got that interview for your dream hospitality job! Wait, what do you mean it’s on Skype?

Over the past few years, hospitality employers have widened their horizons when looking for their perfect candidate and as such have opened new opportunities to candidates from afar. These employers are likely to request an initial video call before asking you on site, so here are some important things to remember to secure that on-site meeting:

1: Look the part

You wouldn’t turn up to an interview in an oversized hoodie, so why would you do it on a remote interview? Try to make sure that you look the part, so that you secure success in your first seven seconds. Your interviewer is sure to be impressed if you answer the call looking just as presentable as you would face-to-face, with styled hair, a smart shirt, and clean-shaved (or a well-kept beard). It’s important to remember that this is your opportunity to make a great first impression, which if you read my recent article on your first seven seconds you’ll know can be done without saying a single word.

2: Be the centre of attention

The next predicament is a matter of location, location, location. You may think that your local Starbucks (other coffee chains are available) will be the best choice, but is it? When remote interviewing, you’ll need to consider what else is in the picture. Try to opt for a plain wall, as background movements, posters, or mirrors can attract the interviewer’s attention away from you – counterproductive to say the least!

Coffee shops also present a high possibility of interruptions and background noise, which can disrupt the flow of your well-rehearsed answers and ruin the great impression you’ve already made. Instead, why not opt for a quiet room at home (just not sat in bed!) where you won’t be interrupted and can hold a structured conversation with ease.

3: “They hung up on me!”

It may sound simple, but always choose a spot with strong WiFi or phone signal. The last thing you want is to be mid-sentence on the best answer you could possibly give and… “connection lost“. Not only does it ruin the flow of your answer, but it could also be difficult to get back!

4: Receiving you loud and clear

You’ll also need to compensate for crackly phone-lines and lagging WiFi by speaking at the appropriate volume and speed, to ensure that your interviewer hears all your fantastic answers.

5: Pack the essentials

You get a dry throat mid-answer and you cough… repeatedly. “Sorry, wait there, I just need to grab a glass of water”. Your interviewer is sat staring at your blank wall and empty chair, in absolute silence… apart from the out-of-picture banging and crashing as you frantically search for a clean cup.

Nobody wants that, so make sure to prepare in advance. Have some water, a spare pen, and a notepad handy just in case of emergencies. It’s probably not a bad idea to have a pair of (already untangled) headphones nearby too, for if your interviewer is quite quiet.

Perhaps you could also head over to and print the advert beforehand too?

So, to secure your next remote interview and put all of this into practice, head over to our jobs page to find out the latest hospitality job opportunities.

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